The “Temporary” Solution To Spam And Email Privacy

by Bryn Youngblut on June 14, 2008

Have you seen one of these websites? There’s probably hundreds out there now but I figured I would start my own “disposable temporary email service” after seeing one about a year ago. Now originally I planned on monetizing it but quickly found out that these type of sites are terrible if your looking to make money from ads. So I ditched that idea and it’s been running for almost a year now as a free internet tool.

I’m too lazy to try and explain it so here’s a direct quote from my site. “Skeef Mail allows you to register at other websites without giving away your own e-mail address. Instead, create a temporary e-mail account that will last 60 Minutes. Enough time to receive e-mails that contain activation or download links, and to reply to e-mails that ask for confirmation.”

It’s recently started picking up in traffic as it’s inched it’s way up in the search results for Google and Yahoo! (I hate putting that stupid exclamation mark). Anyways if you haven’t seen one of these before check it out, here’s mine including a few other good ones.

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