Why Facebook and Myspace piss me off

by Bryn Youngblut on June 16, 2008

I find myself checking Facebook multiple times daily but I really could care less about it. There’s the odd time that I see a interesting news feed or get a random message from some person that went to high school with me that I have never talked too before.

Why the hell are we so compelled by Facebook and I guess Myspace if your still using that messy site. Speaking of which I hate how people can customize they’re profile on Myspace. Now your probably thinking “shut up Bryn, people should be able to have the freedom to customize they’re profiles however they want, it is their’s after all”.

Now while I do agree everyone should have freedom to do whatever they want the inevitability of it is that most people put up really messy, annoying, ad ridden layouts. I like the organized simplicity of Facebook, until now.

Lately peoples profiles on Facebook have been slowly morphing into the horrid profiles that are Myspace with all these annoying applications and large image things. I’ve been to some profiles where it took literally a minute to load because they had like 4 billion applications added and it took about 5 years to scroll to the bottom of their profile to comment “remove some applications you retard”.

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