Firefox 3 record attempt crashes servers

by Bryn Youngblut on June 18, 2008

Well they got what they wanted, millions of people to come and download Firefox 3. What they didn’t anticipate was their servers to crash.

Come on…if I was campaigning for a while and knew millions of people would be coming to my server to download in such a short time frame I would have at least set up some additional backup servers to take the extra load just in case. But of course Mozilla didn’t do that and their servers crashed for over and hour during the first hour the download became public.

I myself went to the site within minutes when I received the email from the pledge I signed up for. I had about 4 failed requests then finally got to the download page about a minute later, not bad.

I’ve done this type of thing to my own websites so I can’t say too much, I know what it’s like to feel like someone is dos’ing your website meanwhile it’s really just your visitors trying to get in.

Shit happens.

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