iPhone release poorly anticipated

by Bryn Youngblut on July 13, 2008

On Friday July 11th the iPhone was released all over the world but I want to focus on the Canadian release. Rogers and Apple should have anticipated the huge demand and hype the release was going to cause but like most huge launches they failed to come through everywhere. People in Calgary lined up for over a day to find out the store only received four iPhones and they were all spoken for. How bullshit is that? Not only that but other stores across the country had similar issues including Rogers server crashing from too many people trying to activate the phones simultaneously.

What really bothers me and which is the reason I don’t go to these type of releases is stuff always goes wrong and there seems to always be a shortage. It’s pretty obvious they do the shortages on purpose so the product looks a lot more popular when it hits the headlines “sold out everywhere in hours” or whatever, but come on… only four iPhones sent to one of the stores? That’s just ridiculous. Especially when you have loyal users camping out for almost a day just to snatch up your product the minute it’s released only to find out all they’re going to walk away with is a lousy pamphlet telling them about the iPhone that they couldn’t get yet.

Good job Apple and Rogers, you really know how to show you care.

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