The Basics of Niche Affiliate Marketing

by Bryn Youngblut on July 25, 2008

The following is a guest post by Jeremy of

If you are looking for a way to make money online that is actually fun and educational, then you need to know about niche affiliate marketing. Here’s how it works. When a new business is trying to increase its web traffic, reach new customers, and establish itself in general, it will create affiliate programs in order to achieve this. An affiliate program is basically when a person sells a product for them and gets a commission. On the internet, you would achieve this by setting up a website that has special links to the website of the business. These links are encoded with your personal information. When somebody that is browsing the web visits your site, clicks one of these links, and goes to the website of the vendor, you will receive money. Now, usually it is not enough for them to simply go to the website; they will have to purchase something when they are there, or sign or for a service, and then you will receive a commission on that sale.

At this point, you may have your doubts, but you should know that even the most popular websites such as eBay and Amazon have affiliate programs as well. So there is definitely money to be made in niche affiliate marketing. Even though you are safer with the larger companies, smaller companies will pay higher commission because they need the business you are giving them. There’s no need to limit yourself to any particular group though, you can do affiliate marketing for as many companies as you like, big or small.

In order to begin niche affiliate marketing, you need at least one web site. This will cost you a small fee to register the domain, plus you will have to pay a monthly fee for hosting. For people just starting out in affiliate marketing, it can be risky to spend money right away. This is why many people start out using free websites and blogs in order to market companies. If you become successful, you will probably want to get a paid website as it will make your enterprise look more professional. Even so, start out using free blogs and websites in order to save money.

On your website, you need to have a lot of content; a blank slate isn’t going to sell anything. Some free websites will offer templates that you can use to set up your account; this is great if you have no web building experience. Blogs are also ready to go; just choose a template and you’re ready to blog. On your website or blog, you need to write about the product you are trying to sell. This can be difficult if you haven’t used it before. It’s always a good idea to ask companies if they provide free samples to people who are doing marketing for them. Be sure to add keywords into the text. These are words that people often search for. The hardest part is getting traffic to your website, so you may have to pay for advertising.

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