How To Customize Your Lijit Widget

by Bryn Youngblut on July 29, 2008

When you first get the code for the Lijit widget the search will look something like this:

Well I didn’t completely like the placement of the “Lijit” logo so I sent an email into their support asking for help changing the widget. I was shocked when I got a reply back within minutes.

Jacqueline Malan <> replied to my email with very helpful information. I told her I wanted to change the logo to be at the right of the search button. A few minutes later I received another email with the code and where to put it, how awesome is that?

Heres the email I got:


Please add the following style information just before the code that
embeds the widget.  It will move the logo to the location you wanted.
If you add other features to the widget, it will need to be updated to
reflect the changes to the widget height etc.

Here is the code:


Let me know if this helps.


I put the code in and bam, it worked perfectly. I just want to thank Lijit for such a great service and excellent support, especially for a free service.

Final result:

If you haven’t already get a Lijit widget for your site!

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