When Lack Of Motivation Gets The Best Of You

by Bryn Youngblut on August 25, 2008

I have been realizing lately that I have a complete lack of motivation to really do anything. All I do is work, screw around on the internet and go out drinking on the weekend. I remember when I used to think of an idea for a new website and have it fully up that day. In the past few months it seems those days are no longer around. All I seem to be doing is wasting time with senseless things and wondering why. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’m depressed or anything, maybe theres only so much you can do before you need to relax for a while and then get back into motivation mode.

Actually thinking about it now as I write this I am feeling a little more motivated. What I want to do is I have about 100 niche website ideas that wouldn’t take more than a few hours each to launch. So even if I do a few a week I could get them done in a reasonable time and hopefully be pulling in some decent dough as time goes on and as I up my SEO efforts. I’ll tell you guys a bit more about the system I’m using to make all these websites in such a short time and how easy it is to make money from them in a few weeks or so, if you want to hear about it make sure to subscribe to my RSS Feed.

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