3 Great Twitter Apps I Use

by Bryn Youngblut on October 27, 2008

I hardly use twitter but it is a great service and a must for anyone who takes blogging serious. Even if you don’t want to post updates about what you’re doing 24/7 there are still some really great uses for twitter.

I figured I would compile a quick list of some of the twitter apps I use and find pretty useful.

Twitterfeed is probably my favourite one because it’s so great for getting visitors to your blog. Twitterfeed will automatically send a ‘tweet’ with a link to your latest blog post for all your followers to see. All you have to do is login to twitterfeed with an openid, add your blog and twitter login/password and it’s ready to go. You can set when and how often feeds are sent and how to show the tweet.

I just found qwitter the other day and thought it would be cool to use. Basically it tells you when people unfollow you on twitter, and your last tweet that might have made them unfollow you. It’s again pretty easy and literally takes seconds to sign up. Just put in your twitter name and e-mail and they do the rest.

Twittercounter is another free service I like. It’s basically the same as the feedburner chicklet but instead displays how many twitter followers you have. It’s updated daily and you can see a graph of your followers as they go up.

Oh and if you’re not already, go ahead and follow me on twitter.

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