Still Not Getting Ads Approved On Facebook?

by Bryn Youngblut on November 27, 2008

Everyone already knows how terrible Facebooks ad approval process is so I figured I would share some tips I use to get ads through.

It’s all about persistence

Just when you think your ads never going to get approved you might just get a surprise with an approval. I have yet to have this fail for me, I’ve submitted ads straight for days to finally have it approved (the exact same ad over and over again with nothing changed).

Timing can matter

I don’t know if it’s for sure yet but I seem to get a lot of ads approved if I submit them around 12am EST. They usually stay pending until the next morning and get approved around 10am-12am EST. Perhaps the morning guys are still waking up and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Dirty trick but it works

I don’t recommend it if you value your account but if you are having a lot of trouble instead of bothering with the hassle of cloaking scripts simply set up your offer in Prosper202. Change the offer in the prosper campaign settings to a different website or even a facebook app that is related to what you’re advertising. Then once the ads are approved simply switch the URL in your prosper campaign settings to your actual landing page. Simple. Oh and don’t forget to have the campaign on pause so once it’s approved they don’t start sending traffic to the fake page you’re linking too.

Don’t give up!

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