You Need Money To Make Money

by Bryn Youngblut on November 28, 2008

Wouldn’t we all love a money tree? I know I would, especially right now.

When it comes to affiliate marketing you either need a high credit limit or a lot of cash. I currently have neither. OK well I have a good amount of cash but my credit limit sucks (because I’m a student). I actually have a credit limit $4000 higher than they say they’re even allowed to issue to students, strictly based on my great credit rating.

So here lies the problem, what do you do when your spending so much money per day that it’s almost at the point of your credit limit? Well, in my case I pretty much have to pay off my credit card every day…which is annoying.I have another problem though which I think sucks even more.

What if you were losing money simply because you didn’t have enough cash on hand to spend. Basically what I mean is what if you could be making a lot more per day but you don’t have more to spend? This is my current dilema, I could be making a lot more than I am if I had more to spend.

As far as I can figure out I should be fine in a couple weeks, once I build up a good amount of cash flow. I’m not talking a couple hundred bucks here, if I had a AMEX black card or one of those I would be fine but with such a shitty credit limit they’re holding me back from making so much more it hurts. Oh and in case someone mentions it, yes I get paid weekly wires but it’s still not fast enough.

I mean I can’t complain too much I guess I am still making more than anyone I know including my parents combined, but nobody is ever satisfied, we want more and more!

Anyone else have issues like this?

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