Doing Nothing Could Make You A Lot More Money

by Bryn Youngblut on December 28, 2008

So I was just looking over my stats for the past few days and I was pleasantly surprised. My ROI went up a nice amount over the last few days. Basically what happened and taught me a great lesson is patience can pay off huge. What I decided to do before the holidays was lower all my bids enough that I knew I would still get good traffic but also cover any losses if conversions went down a bit while I was away. I was surprised to see that even though I lowered my bids traffic kept up and so did conversions, so my ROI increased a nice amount.

I have a bad habit of increasing my bids to get more traffic but it usually ends up losing me money (a lot more gross sales but less net profit). I am still leaving it all as it was and it’s still doing great. I feel I’ve done enough tweaking the past few months with a few of these campaigns that it’s time to work on new ones and keep an eye on the others.

I hope everyone else’s campaigns did well over the holidays, it’s always great to come back to more money and not more problems.

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