I’m A Douche Bag

by Bryn Youngblut on March 25, 2009

OK well I’m actually not but some people think so, and that’s fine. Anyone who has met me in person knows I am pretty laid back and easy going, very far from being a douche.

The problem is some people see others as a douche bag if they don’t quiet agree with their views or opinion or simply are jealous of them.

Here’s an example of what I deal with on a daily basis, someone hit’s me up on AIM and the convo generally goes like this:

Them: Hey man, love your blog.

Me: Thanks.

Them: I just read your post about ppv and I was wondering if you could recommend some stuff?

Me: Sure, basically you may want to……(and I usually give them some good tips that have worked for me)

Them: Thanks man I’ll try that out! BTW think you could hook me up with some keywords that convert and offers to go with them?

Me: Uhh…no.

Them: Wow you’re a fucking douche bag man.

I have some really good aim logs of examples of this I could show but I think this is a good enough example.

So for those of you who think I’m a douche bag, I don’t really care what you think and I give everyone a fair first impression but if you act stupid or fuck it up with nonsense why should I waste my time helping you?

Seriously, grow up.

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