Locked Out Of Prosper202?

by Bryn Youngblut on April 1, 2009

This might be a good post to bookmark for the future.

I was recently locked out of my own Prosper202 install because I changed my password the night before and like an idiot forgot what I changed it to. To top it off the “Forgot Password” retrieval form was not sending me any emails to reset my password. So what can you do?

After searching around like a mad man and not finding any answers anywhere I finally contacted one of my buddies who I knew was good with servers and MySQL.

Here’s a quick way to reset your prosper202 password:

1) login to phpmyadmin

2) run this SQL statement

UPDATE 202_users SET user_pass=’

4328e939cf4c6ef00b7d5617dc173544′ WHERE

3) you can now login with your username and password as ‘temptemp’

4) change your password upon logging in

Credit goes to Nathaniel T.
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