Quick Update And What I’ve Been Up Too

by Bryn Youngblut on June 3, 2009

If you talk to me on a regular basis then you know how busy and mia I’ve been lately. I won’t go into much detail because it’s not relevant but here’s a few of the reasons why I’ve been so busy:

  • Moving into my new house next week and having a bitch of a time finding proper insurance because insurance companies are super paranoid and don’t understand what my business is. I should have it all resolved soon but it’s not been easy.
  • —Removed this one for now—I will write a quick post about it next week – it’s a surprise and I don’t want my girlfriend to see it just yet. – not it’s not a proposal
  • Planning for Affiliate Summit East stuff.
  • Buying home furniture and everything else.
  • New computer system/setup arriving Friday, it’s a BEAST. Should have pics of my new office up within a couple weeks. This should be a funny comparison if you’ve seen a pic of my current setup.
  • Packing clothes and everything for the move next week.
  • More and more stuff I can’t even talk about.


P.S. A bunch of people have signed up for Tatto for this contest but I have barely seen anyone do much for generating revenue, remember whoever generates the most wins, even if it’s a couple bucks!

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