Productivity And Focus

by Bryn Youngblut on June 29, 2009

Often when we get too comfortable we stop working and trying as hard as we did to get to where we are now. Keeping focus on your long term goals is vital to success.

I have found myself often too comfortable when I have reached goals I wanted to achieve, and thus gotten lazy. It’s really only once something drastic happens like losing a major client that you stop and realise how important it is to never be comfortable and always be pushing forward.

I haven’t had too many problems with business as it has been going great for a long time now but I often find myself losing focus which ultimately effects productivity.

Some things I do now to keep my focus is to go outside and walk around for a bit, do some cleaning, go out for lunch, etc. This may seem silly but I can say from personal experience that working LESS will INCREASE productivity. If I am on the computer working straight for 16 hours I will be drained and very inefficient.

Keep your focus and you will keep your productivity.

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