Ever Wanted To Run Your Own Affiliate Network?

by Bryn Youngblut on July 2, 2009

hasoffers-logoDuring the first week of May I received an email from Andrew Bachman informing me about their new website called HasOffers.

I normally would have shrugged it off like I do most emails I get daily about random stuff, but Andrew mentioned in the email they were sharing this with me because of how great my relationship is with Mike Cataldo, who is the Director of Affiliate Relations for Tatto Media so that spiked my interest and got me to take a look. Am I ever glad I did!

Basically, HasOffers allows anyone to setup their own network in a matter of minutes, for free, which is just incredible.

Now, it can get pretty pricy if you are running your own linktrust or directtrack network and are not doing substantial volume to justify it. Hasoffers offers the same services and quality (if not better) they do but it’s FREE! (for up to 250,000 Clicks per Month), if you require more it’s pretty cheap starting at $99/month for up to 500k clicks and if you are really killing it up to $799/month for unlimited clicks. This is a pretty dam good deal if you have a purpose for your own network.

Personally I have played around with the HasOffers system a lot on my own account and I plan on using it for some campaigns very soon.

You may be thinking, why do I need my own network if I can just run my offers through other already existing networks and let them do all the work? Well you could…or you could run your own private network for just yourself and make more money.

Let’s say you’re running a particular biz opp campaign and a network is paying you $37 a lead. If you went direct to the advertiser you may be able to get paid anywhere from $40-$45 or more by running it through your own network. You’re basically eliminating the middleman of a network.

Now, there are disadvantages to this route. The main ones being payment terms and safety. Most people use networks and take less pay because they can get paid on a weekly basis and are usually safe if the advertiser decides not to or can’t pay.

So, you have to weigh your options and decide if you want less risk and less reward or more risk and more reward, different people, different levels of risk.

Of course the main purpose of HasOffers is so you can run your own network and have other affiliates run offers through it and you generate whatever margins you decide on.

All in all I think HasOffers is an incredible service with how simple it is to setup and use.  If you haven’t yet you should definitely check it out.

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