I Am A Badass

by Bryn Youngblut on September 21, 2009

UPDATE: So literally a few minutes after I wrote this post I clicked the links in it to make sure they worked and I noticed DK had just put up a post about the same exact “badass” thing I just wrote about…wow what a coincidence…well here’s his post.

So I just returned from the purposeinc thinktank in Del Mar, and I must say it was a great time…hanging out with the likes of Neil Patel, Andy Liu, Shoemoney…the list goes on. I will write up a complete post about my thoughts on the event in a few days once the pictures are up.

Anyway onto why I’m a badass…

DK, who runs the thinktank told me he thought I was a badass because of the way my avatar is when I post on peoples blogs (it’s the same image as my blog logo above). The tilted head and serious face apparently makes me look tough, trust me I don’t act like a badass but I did find it funny he thought that. I guess once he met me in person he was amazed at how I was just chill and relaxed, not a badass in any way…at least I think so.

I think maybe it’s time for a new image/logo…what do you think?

Or maybe I can just continue to pretend to be a badass…

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