Redneck For Life Baby!

by Bryn Youngblut on September 29, 2009

Lately, some people have noticed I have been taking some time off from working on affiliate campaigns.

I have been getting very bored with promoting affiliate stuff lately so I decided to start up some new projects that I enjoy, even if they make me a lot less money right now (actually none, no ads).

One of those projects being my new website Redneck For Life which right now has daily Funny Redneck Pictures. I have some huge plans for it, it may seem silly to a lot of people but I’ve already received a TON of great feedback from people who have seen and enjoy the site.

The wordpress theme I had done is kinda boring but it works for the purpose at the moment. One thing I love is the new logo I had designed, I think it looks amazing.

If you like the website I would love if people could write a small post about it on their blog or anywhere, share the love!

I would love any feedback, whether it be negative or positive. I know the pictures on there right now are not original, but it has to start somewhere and my goal is to have all original content/pictures very soon with community involvement.

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