Working Prosper202 Fix: The table ‘202_clicks_spy’ is full

by Bryn Youngblut on November 1, 2009

Back in April I wrote about a temporary (and most likely outdated) fix to the error I face so often when sending mass volume through prosper202.

Recently Wes (thank god) let me know about a way to fix it for good and I can say I haven’t had a problem since I applied this 2 second update to my prosper202.

If you’ve ever gotten or fear getting the “The table ‘202_clicks_spy’ is full” error message, which essentially makes all your traffic go to a white screen until you finally notice it and reboot your mysql then you will want to do this update (holy run on sentence).

When logged in to phpMyAdmin run these sql statements SEPERATELY:

ALTER TABLE `202_clicks_spy` ENGINE = MYISAM


That’s it, the problem shouldn’t happen again and hopefully you’ll save some potentially lost monies.

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