Should You Listen To Your Affiliate Manager?

by Bryn Youngblut on November 12, 2009

I remember when I first started out, I thought most of my affiliate managers were just pushing offers on me because they needed volume on them – regardless of how well the offer performed. The fact is sometimes this is true, you just need to be able to tell the difference.

This mindset becomes a problem when you start putting every affiliate manager into this category. I like to think that there are three types of affiliate managers, you need to be able to tell which one they are so you don’t waste time running crap and more importantly lose money.

Affiliate Manager Type #1 – The Bimbo

They are everywhere and very easy to spot out. Just take a quick look at their profile picture and as much as I hate to stereotype, there are not that many attractive female affiliate managers who actually know what they are talking about. There are always exceptions, and I know plenty of hot affiliate managers who know A LOT about this business, and they rock.

But let’s be honest and I know most of you already know this, a lot of networks hire hot affiliate managers who know absolutely nothing about this business simply to get horny young affiliates to work with them. Even worse a lot of them will pretend to flirt with you on instant messenger or facebook to make it seem like they actually care about you.

You need to STAY AWAY from these types of affiliate managers. If you’re unsure if they are this type or not simply ask them questions like “If you were to run this offer how would you go about setting it up?”. You can probably gauge just from that answer alone how much they know.

Affiliate Manager Type #2 – The Weasel

This type of affiliate manager can be VERY annoying and sometimes relentless until you reply to their email or answer their phone call. Most of the time they are just desperate for new affiliates under them, but occasionally you may run into someone good who truly does want to help your business out and provide you with good offers and information.

Affiliate Manager Type #3 – The Veteran

This is the ideal affiliate manager. They’ve most likely been around a long time and know their stuff. Some are past and or current affiliates themselves and can be really helpful. It’s usually pretty easy to tell who the veterans are just by how they talk to you and approach things. Instead of just saying “hey this offer is hot you should run it”, they will most likely also tell you where it is running hot and how it’s been promoted, thus making your job easier saving you time and money.

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