PokenZoo is a Standup Company

by Bryn Youngblut on January 12, 2010

This post is just a quick thanks to Steve Delmont at PokenZoo.com

I ordered a Poken last week from them and when it arrived UPS wanted to charge me an additional $22 for a brokerage fee. This rarely happens for small items and since the Poken itself was only worth slightly more than the additional fee, I wasn’t too happy.

I contacted Steve and he apologized for the issue and sent me a refund for the full amount. This fee was not PokenZoo’s fault nor problem but they took the liberty to make me happy and did so without even questioning it.

I love companies that do these type of things to keep customers happy. More companies should learn from this, it’s simple little things that keep people coming back in the future…oh and they might just happen to be a blogger who writes a nice post about you.

Much respect to PokenZoo (affiliate link).

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