Facebook Hates Affiliates…And Me

by Bryn Youngblut on February 8, 2010

I’ll admit I have had problems in the past with certain things I was running on Facebook but let’s be honest, it was the wild west back then and basically anything went.

It’s being almost a year now since I have run anything non compliant on Facebook and still my accounts get disabled. I realize it’s obvious why, because of my past with them.

Here is what I don’t understand, I have accounts running fully compliant, all approved and non cloaked through ads for months with no problems. Not only that but the account was under a different name with their credit card. The only thing that could link me to the account would be if they compared IP addresses, but let’s face it people login to Facebook accounts all over the place, and I have friends who login at my place all the time and have never had an issue.

The funny thing is they aren’t even banning the accounts for any type of compliance issue with my ads, since all are clean. After a couple months they just simply disable the login so it can’t continue to be used.

What I want to know is why?

I realize I made some mistakes back in the day, but if Facebook would just listen to me and let me prove I won’t fuck up again we all can continue to make a lot of money without any issues. You can assign someone to watch over my account 24/7 if you want, I don’t care. It will save you’re employees time disabling my accounts.

Regardless of all this, I know Facebooks primary objective is user experience and they make enough money as it is too give two shits about someone like me who would spend 50k+ a day with them if they let me.

For now it looks like I will have to continue surfing under the radar until I can convince someone over there too give my original account a second chance.

P.S  – Affiliates@facebook.com just proves how much Facebook doesn’t care about affiliates – no more personal touch?

P.P.S – Lame.


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