Solution: My Prosper202 Links Go To A Blank Page?

by Bryn Youngblut on July 5, 2010

This is mostly useful for ads like facebook where it’s a bitch to remake them and get approved.

I was recently moving some of my tracking domains to a new server and for whatever reason some of my links stopped working, I guess the latest database backup I made didn’t have the right records in it.

Anyway there is a VERY EASY fix to this. I will just go through how to fix it with a basic example below.

Say this is your link that is broken:

  1. Record the number in the link here (t202id=11441) just the 11441 part.
  2. Now go to Setup > Get links
  3. Generate a new link for the campaign that you’re trying to make the above link work again. Record the t202id= value for that newly generated link.
  4. Login to your websites cpanel (found at for example) and open phpMyAdmin.
  5. Find the table called 202_trackers and click browse.
  6. Under tracker_id_public find the number you recorded in step 3 and click the little pencil icon to the left to edit that row.
  7. Change the tracker_id_public value to the one recorded in Step 1.

That’s it, your old link now works again!

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