Are You Really Working or Convincing Yourself You Are?

by Bryn Youngblut on September 22, 2010

I actually wrote this post back in July and just saw it in my drafts since I forgot about it, I figured I would post it up since this is still how I feel today.

Too most of you it’s no surprise that I have been very very busy lately (yeah if you call golfing everyday busy jackass)…uhhh yeah.

So anyway on a more serious note I have actually been getting a lot of work done, and I am working a lot LESS than I used too.

So it turns out I get a lot more work done when I work less. Weird huh?

The way I work is pretty simple, I barely do anything productive during the day. I sit down in the morning, check emails and stats while drinking my coffee. By then I already have a list in my head of things I want to get started, worked on or finished that day.

I then may work on a few things like setting up a new split test or finding new offers to rotate and test (always be testing no matter what, you will be surprised how often you will find something better).

By early afternoon I am usually heading out to play a round of golf or do something else outside or around my house…I like to get outside as much as possible during the summer and enjoy it.

When evening comes around I usually catch up and get everything else done for the day.

I really don’t know why but for some reason ever since summer started and I began playing golf a lot I have been super productive and had great success.

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