Are Entrepreneurs Born?

by Bryn Youngblut on February 2, 2012

I watched a video clip yesterday that got me thinking about my own past and how I was growing up.

From as early as I can remember I have always done my own thing. When I was a kid I had garage sales every weekend trying to sell my parents junk. I could go on and on with examples over the years.

I have never enjoyed school or being told what to do. I never was an ‘A’ student but I did just enough to get by and get it over with.

It’s funny when I look back at high school because I pretty much scraped by on most courses until my very last semester. I had somehow worked it out that I only had four classes to complete that semester and graduate and every single one was a business course, all with the same teacher. I gotta say I still slacked off in those courses but I managed to get straight A’s in all of them without much work. I think the reason for that is they were classes I was actually interested in.

Growing up were told the next step is to go to college or university. When I graduated high school I went straight to college for a degree in Business Administration. I didn’t attend many of my classes and partied pretty much daily while also working on building websites. Long story short I dropped out 2 years later with a certificate in “college exploration”, I am not joking that’s what it said. My parents were not pleased.

I was still figuring out online marketing and trying to make my own income. At this point I had been building websites for years without monetizing them because at the time it was more of a hobby. I wasn’t sure where I was heading or what my plan was but I have known since I was a child that I always wanted to work for myself. So with little money left to my name I got a job at a small steel distributor. It was literally just the manager and I was the only employee. It was a crappy job but the guy I worked with made it enjoyable and is now one of my good friends. After about a year in at this job it really dawned on me that I did not want to do this for the rest of my life. It fired me up to really start making some good money and that’s when my online business took off. I ended up staying with the company for probably 6 months longer than I wanted to purely because if I had left earlier they would be really screwed.

I believe anyone could be an entrepreneur but it really takes that drive and ambition. Most people are fine with being an employee and that is perfectly okay, if there weren’t employees who would we hire?

Do you believe entrepreneurs are born and if so do you feel you were?


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