If I Owned An Ad Network

by Bryn Youngblut on July 11, 2012

I am sure everyone has their own gripes about ad networks they use and I figured I would share some of mine.

Mind you these range over a ton of ad networks and apply to none specifically.

  1. When I log in I want to see my balance right away
  2. The ability to delete campaigns shouldn’t be an option
  3. 24/7 approvals should be standard for big networks. (There are people that grind in the wee hours and like to see results)
  4.  Campaign pixels that don’t include your username (C’mon…)
  5. When they show you Suggested bids instead of what your competition is actually bidding. (Really think we are that stupid?)

I haven’t even broke the surface on this…more to come.

Feel free to include your gripes in the comments below, perhaps we can make a list for new ad networks to look at before opening shop.

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