Pictures From Affiliate Summit West 2009

February 2, 2009

Tweet Here’s some pictures of me with some buddies I met up with at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. It was really good times and awesome meeting everyone. Adhustler, Ian Fernando, (no idea), Nate Whitehill, Ms. Danielle, Me, Matt Blancarte, (no idea) Tangy, me, Barman Neil, Ian, me, Michael Grabowski (cut off a bit) Neil, […]

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The Importance Of Building Your Cash Flow

January 30, 2009

Tweet I remember starting out trying to do affiliate marketing fulltime and I literally had a few hundred dollars to spend. There is two important things you need, cash flow and a decent credit limit. I started out with neither. I can hardly even recall what campaigns or what started making me money in the […]

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Don’t Overwork Yourself

January 27, 2009

Tweet Lately I have been putting in 16 hour days, literally. I pretty much live and breathe Affiliate Marketing, with the exception of friday/saturday nights. Other than that I am usually on the computer working on something. It is really starting to catch up to me and my profits, so last night I took some […]

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Meetup202 Toronto First Meetup

January 26, 2009

Tweet We had our very first  Meetup202 Toronto yesterday at a pub called the Fox and Fiddle. Initially we met up at Tim Horton’s and then relocated as we filled the place up. I was really surprised of how big the turnout was for the very first meetup. We had more than 20 people show, […]

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Why Do We Blog?

January 21, 2009

Tweet By “we” I mean affiliate marketers, which is my prime readership. Why do you spend time blogging and sharing ideas, thoughts and whatever you want with people? When you really look at it, blogging is probably the biggest waste of time considering most of our blogs probably don’t make much money compared to what […]

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Free Macbook Pro From Convert2Media

January 17, 2009

Tweet If you didn’t read my post already of why I love Convert2Media check this out first: I met up with the C2M guys on Saturday night before ASW09. They are the coolest and most easy going guys to hang out with, I actually ended up hanging out with them and partying all over […]

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Meet Me At Affiliate Summit

January 9, 2009

Tweet As most of you probably know this is my first time attending Affiliate Summit and I plan on attending every one after this. Also just so you know I’m a really relaxed easy going person so don’t worry about approaching or joking with me, I don’t take much seriously. I’ve read lots of good […]

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Meetup202 At Affiliate Summit

January 8, 2009

Tweet Just a quick update to all Meetup202 members, there is going to be a meetup on Monday at 4PM. For more details go here: Thanks to the Tracking202 guys for organizing all this.

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You Can Make BANK With PPV Advertising

January 5, 2009

Tweet I’ve been hesitant to talk about this since not many people do but I think there is lot’s of room in the space so without further adue… PPV (Pay Per View) is also known as contextual advertising and not many people talk about it, and I have being hesitant too also. Why you may […]

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Beware Of Phishing On Twitter

January 4, 2009

Tweet I just got this direct message from what looks to be someones account that got hacked (most likely from this same website that tried to phish for my twitter information). CLICK THE LINK AT YOUR OWN RISK – IT REDIRECTS TO A PHISHING WEBSITE hey look at this funny blog Mandy Crow / […]

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