Live In The GTA? Let’s Meetup!

December 4, 2008

Tweet GTA stands for the Greater Toronto Area, which is where I live. I’m going to be meeting up with Max over at Moneybites this weekend (Sunday, December 7) and if you live in the GTA and want to come hang out and talk about affiliate marketing or related stuff anyone is welcome to join […]

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Quick Way To Get Faster Results With Facebook Ads

November 29, 2008

Tweet A little trick I like to do to get volume as fast as possible is to simply raise your daily budget to the max, which happens to be $100,000. Facebooks ad platform is pretty stupid to even allow you to do this since your daily limit is most likely not anywhere near that. You […]

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You Need Money To Make Money

November 28, 2008

Tweet Wouldn’t we all love a money tree? I know I would, especially right now. When it comes to affiliate marketing you either need a high credit limit or a lot of cash. I currently have neither. OK well I have a good amount of cash but my credit limit sucks (because I’m a student). […]

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Still Not Getting Ads Approved On Facebook?

November 27, 2008

Tweet Everyone already knows how terrible Facebooks ad approval process is so I figured I would share some tips I use to get ads through. It’s all about persistence Just when you think your ads never going to get approved you might just get a surprise with an approval. I have yet to have this […]

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I Will Be Attending Affiliate Summit West 2009 In Las Vegas

November 23, 2008

Tweet I just finished booking my flight and hotel at the Rio for Affiliate Summit West 2009. This will be my first conference and I am really excited and looking forward to networking with a lot of the people I have been talking with online. I didn’t plan on going until August but when my […]

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Sweet Offer For A Talented Blog Designer

November 20, 2008

Tweet I am pretty lazy when it comes to blog design, and I am very busy lately, so I am looking for some help. I have a proposal for some lucky person if anyone wants to do this. (Note: This is not for everyone, I will require examples of previous work). I am looking for […]

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Are You A Sell Out?

November 16, 2008

Tweet I was recently contacted by someone who wanted me to write up a review about their new E-book. I was offered a free copy of the e-book and some money. I don’t normally do this type of thing so what i did was I told him to send me a copy of the e-book […]

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Elite Retreat – The Event Of The Year

November 11, 2008

Tweet Elite Retreat is so exclusive and so limited that if you were going to attend any event this year, THIS should be it. The amount of knowledge and more importantly contacts you will gain from simply networking with some of the biggest names around the web is so unbelievable that this event should cost […]

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Helping Fellow Affiliate Marketers

November 7, 2008

Tweet In this game leads and sales are everything, it’s how we get paid. When I go to order or sign up for things online I always try to either find a friend who I can put as the referrer or I search for the product and sign up through someones affiliate link. Some people […]

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Five Steps to Making More Money with Affiliate Marketing

November 6, 2008

Tweet The following is a guest post from my affiliate manager, Chelsea, at Market Leverage. In every successful entrepreneur’s mind is the question of how to improve their current efforts and maximize their bottom line. This is very true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Whether you are promoting through email, search, or web media, […]

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