3 Affiliate Marketing Tips

November 4, 2008

Tweet 1. Shared hosting We all started there. Your first server was most likely a $5 shared hosting account or something similar. That’s all fine and dandy…until your getting ‘digg like’ traffic as I often call it. A shared host is not going to be able to withstand that type of traffic and keep your […]

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Get Your Ads Approved On Facebook

November 1, 2008

Tweet You might all be reading this going what the hell, I thought Bryn told us not to waste time with facebook anymore. Well it turns out Facebook really isn’t THAT hard to get ads approved. I have had amazing success with Facebook for the last few months. When I wrote that post originally I […]

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Introducing Dr. Bryn

October 30, 2008

Tweet Alright well I’m not a real doctor but this is my Halloween costume. Pretty boring eh? I could care less about Halloween but since we’re going out to a club you pretty much have to dress up…so I figured if I had to dress up I wanted to be at least comfortable. What’s more […]

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3 Great Twitter Apps I Use

October 27, 2008

Tweet I hardly use twitter but it is a great service and a must for anyone who takes blogging serious. Even if you don’t want to post updates about what you’re doing 24/7 there are still some really great uses for twitter. I figured I would compile a quick list of some of the twitter […]

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Investing In Your Body

October 26, 2008

Tweet I hate sounding like a preacher but I felt like talking about something a bit different that is probably the most important thing in your life. Your Body. So yesterday I finally bought a new chair. I figure if I’m spending so much time on the computer working I may as well be comfortable […]

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New Server – Again

October 23, 2008

Tweet Just a quick update….So I moved again if some of you noticed some downtime today, to another new server. The one before was good but not exactly what I was looking for. First off it was on a Windows OS so I couldn’t use some plugins including super cache, which SUCKED. The second thing […]

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The Importance Of Checking Your Landing Pages

October 18, 2008

Tweet Recently I noticed one of my campaigns that is doing well had a massive drop in clicks even though my advertising was still going the same as I could see in my prosper202 tracking (which I HIGHLY recommend using if you’re not already). I had no idea what was going on and unfortunately I […]

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Ethics In Affiliate Marketing

October 9, 2008

Tweet As affiliate marketers we know most of the products or services we’re promoting are complete bullshit and some are out right scams. We can play it off and say it’s their fault for signing up and not reading the fine print for that “Free Trial Offer, Only Pay $1.95 For Shipping!”, that really ends […]

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I Hate Feed Summaries

October 2, 2008

Tweet You might think that making your feed a summary instead of showing the entire post is going to increase your visitors. I think it might have the opposite effect for some. Let me first say that the reason people use feeds is because they don’t want to visit your blog every day to see […]

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You SUCK At Affiliate Marketing

October 1, 2008

Tweet If you’re already or claim yourself to be a ‘Super Affiliate’ then don’t bother reading this, otherwise read on. I could go on and on about the various ways to make money online, but if you’re reading this then you’ve most likely heard and read them all, over and over again. This is a […]

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