When Lack Of Motivation Gets The Best Of You

August 25, 2008

Tweet I have been realizing lately that I have a complete lack of motivation to really do anything. All I do is work, screw around on the internet and go out drinking on the weekend. I remember when I used to think of an idea for a new website and have it fully up that […]

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UniqueBlogDesigns Contest

August 24, 2008

Tweet I love the work they do over at UBD, if I had the cash I would purchase a blog design in a heart beat but with school and everything else to pay for…well you know. Anyways they’re having a one year anniversary contest where anyone can win a Apple iPod touch and some free […]

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Hey Mom, What Were You And Dad Thinking?

August 20, 2008

Tweet Here’s a few pictures of me as a kid. I think I pretty much know what they were thinking, maybe I should be asking myself what the hell was I thinking (I dunno why but I used to love those troll toys). I wonder who’s bright idea it was to put that blue hat […]

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Immortal Technique

August 18, 2008

Tweet If you don’t know who I’m talking about, Immortal Technique is a rapper who talks about world issues and things that other people are too scared to say. I really respect him for that and although I am not a huge hip hop/rap fan I love all of his songs. Just listen to the […]

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First Plug In 10 Hours

August 17, 2008

Tweet I am too excited to wait until tomorrow to post the first plug so I will do it tonight at midnight. You can already see a sneak peek of some plugs coming up if you check out the images in the gallery. I decided to allow some pictures to show just to give everyone […]

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When Making The Front Page Of Digg Is Not Good

August 14, 2008

Tweet I have seen so many websites featured on the front page of digg that either don’t load or have suspended accounts from their web hosts because they are just not prepared for the rush of traffic. Since I run many websites on one server I could NOT handle that initial rush, my server is […]

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The Way I Track How People Subscribe To My RSS Feed

August 7, 2008

Tweet I am sure most of you never noticed but I have 2 different links to subscribe to my RSS Feed. Remember I’m talking LINKS not images. Notice anything about the links? Look again. http://feeds.feedburner.com/Brynyoungblut http://feeds.feedburner.com/BrynYoungblut Now do you see? So what I can do by using this method of just capitalizing one letter is […]

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You Can Be A Google Bot

August 3, 2008

Tweet Ever searched for something to only find out you need to register an account or pay for a membership to view the page? I usually come across this if I land on a forum that requires people to be logged in to view it. Well screw that, why don’t we just pretend to be […]

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Make A Favicon In One Click

July 30, 2008

Tweet This is the simplest way I have came across making a favicon and I have being using this site for every website I make when I go to make a favicon. You just upload the image and it creates the favicon and provides you with a download link. What’s also cool is you can […]

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How To Customize Your Lijit Widget

July 29, 2008

Tweet When you first get the code for the Lijit widget the search will look something like this: Well I didn’t completely like the placement of the “Lijit” logo so I sent an email into their support asking for help changing the widget. I was shocked when I got a reply back within minutes. Jacqueline […]

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