Another Article in Feedfront Magazine

April 7, 2010

Tweet I wrote a short article in Feedfront about if you should listen to your affiliate managers or not. Check it out and if you want to let me know what you think. Article: Should You Listen to Your Affiliate Manager?

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How To Get The Lowest Bids On LeadImpact

March 10, 2010

Tweet I’m really not sure why LeadImpact (formerly Zango) have this in place but I guess it’s just to try and get more money from suckers. Typically the minimum bid on any target will be $0.015 cents. But sometimes that won’t always be the case…depending on what you choose as your campaigns category. Now as […]

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3 Ways to Increase Your PPV Landing Page CTR

February 26, 2010

Tweet I gotta admit I used to stick to the traditional landing page methods and while they worked good I had no idea what I was missing out on. There are so many little things you can do to get peoples attention and increase your landers click through rate. Background Color One of the most […]

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I Failed

February 17, 2010

Tweet Or did I? At the start of the month I attempted to not have a drink of alcohol for an entire month, simply to prove to myself that I could do it if I wanted too. I’m not an alcoholic but I do enjoy having some drinks socially during hockey games and on weekends. […]

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Facebook Hates Affiliates…And Me

February 8, 2010

Tweet I’ll admit I have had problems in the past with certain things I was running on Facebook but let’s be honest, it was the wild west back then and basically anything went. It’s being almost a year now since I have run anything non compliant on Facebook and still my accounts get disabled. I […]

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My Quit Drinking For A Month Challenge

January 30, 2010

Tweet Starting February 1st I am going to attempt to not drink any alchohol for an entire month. I’ve wanted to try this for a long time now for many reasons. Health is an obvious reason but more importantly I feel it will help my business greatly. I often go out drinking with friends every […]

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PokenZoo is a Standup Company

January 12, 2010

Tweet This post is just a quick thanks to Steve Delmont at I ordered a Poken last week from them and when it arrived UPS wanted to charge me an additional $22 for a brokerage fee. This rarely happens for small items and since the Poken itself was only worth slightly more than the […]

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Being An Ass Can Have It’s Benefits

January 6, 2010

Tweet A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about GMB Direct claiming they were clueless, when in fact it turns out I was the clueless one. Funny thing is I am now running offers with them that I had no idea they had. Gene is a really great guy and does everything he can […]

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My Article In FeedFront Magazine

December 22, 2009

Tweet I wrote an article about PPV a few months back for the next issue of Feedfront Magazine which was just published.  Check it out if you want.

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Affiliate Summit Charity Poker Tournament

December 20, 2009

Tweet My friend DK is hosting what looks like will be a really fun poker tournament on January 16th (the day before ASW10 starts) at the Rio. If you’re at all interested you better Register now as it looks like it will be full soon.

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