Zango Becomes LeadImpact

October 27, 2009

Tweet Just got this email: It is with great excitement that we announce the relaunch of Zango Ad Services as LeadImpact. You will continue to receive the great customer service and ROI that you have come to expect from us, and based on your input, we are also working on additional improvements that you will see in the […]

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Being Transparent Online Is Good Business

October 21, 2009

Tweet I think the beauty of the internet is that anyone can hide behind their monitor and for the most part say what they want without anyone knowing who they are. I would guess 99% of people do that by using screen names. As most people have noticed I am 100% transparent everywhere I am; […]

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Hanging Out With Robert Drysdale

October 18, 2009

Tweet I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Robert Drysdale until I met him. I don’t watch much fighting, some UFC time and again but either way I don’t know a ton of fighters. It was the second day of DK’s Thinktank when Robert came by to hang out with everyone and show us […]

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One Tip For All Affiliate Networks Showcasing At ASW

October 14, 2009

Tweet GET A KEG AT YOUR BOOTH! This was Convert2Media’s booth at ASE in NYC. If you saw it you probably also saw the ton of people that were constantly around it. Yeah they had free beer, but that is the point. It gets people to come over and hang around…while their standing there drinking […]

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Adware Really Isn’t Bad At All

October 14, 2009

Tweet At least in my opinion it isn’t.  When I’ve wrote about PPV/CPV in the past I always referred to it is a “popup” or “popunder” but this is not what it is. You can argue that it is similar but I disagree. A popup is typically not related to what the person is visiting […]

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90 days to supercharge your blog with SEO – a case study

October 5, 2009

Tweet A guest post by Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzLocal, providing local lead gen for professional service firms. 3 months ago, Keith Wilcox decided he wanted to be a full-time daddy blogger . He had no experience blogging before, no programming experience, no affiliate marketing earnings, and no money. His story shows that anyone who […]

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Why I Hate Halloween

October 3, 2009

Tweet It’s a giant scam. You pay ridiculous prices for complete crap. The amount of money that is made from one day is fucking ridiculous. Sure, our kids have fun getting tons of free candy and enjoy dressing up like their favorite super hero or something they wish they were. But where do we draw […]

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Making The Most Of Your Business In Difficult Times

October 1, 2009

Tweet The following is a guest post by Robert Tuchman, the author of  Young Guns: The Fearless Entrepreneur’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own. We stand now with the tide of hard times lapping at our feet, and of soft, comfortable times slowly being drawn out to sea.  With the […]

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Redneck For Life Baby!

September 29, 2009

Tweet Lately, some people have noticed I have been taking some time off from working on affiliate campaigns. I have been getting very bored with promoting affiliate stuff lately so I decided to start up some new projects that I enjoy, even if they make me a lot less money right now (actually none, no […]

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Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

September 24, 2009

Tweet I remember hearing about Kiva a long time ago but never really decided to find out more about it, until recently. I was skimming over Dan Martell’s blog who I recently met at Thinktank09 and saw his profile link for Kiva. I started looking around the Kiva site and thought how awesome it was, […]

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