Orlando Magic Game 4 with Convert2Media

May 28, 2009

Tweet My boys over at Convert2Media took me and Max out too the Orlando Magic game Tuesday night and it was a blast. I ran out of room on my camera by the end of the game so I didn’t get the aftermath fun but I got some good footage and I think I did […]

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Quick Thanks To CPABullet For The Flip Mino

May 24, 2009

Tweet A few days ago I asked for  a Flip Mino HD and within 45 minutes I got one from CPABullet. That really shows the power of blogging and proves that sometimes if you really want something, just ask. I made a quick video too but I haven’t had any time to figure out how […]

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Win A Free Trip to ASE from Tatto Media

May 18, 2009

Tweet For those of you not familiar with Tatto Media, they are one of the fastest growing Affiliate Networks around. For a while, the network was private, but now is your chance to find out what all the fuss is about. Not to mention, win a trip, on them, to ASE (Affiliate Summit East) 2009 […]

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I Want A Flip Mino HD

May 18, 2009

Tweet Update: CPABullet.com has stepped up (less than an hour after this post was made) and emailed me first to send me a flip mino hd. Thanks guys. I plan on doing some videos soon so I was going to go out and buy a Flip Mino HD. Then I started thinking, what if I […]

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Entrepreneur Interviews You Must Listen Too

May 5, 2009

Tweet I routinely listen to podcasts by various marketers and entrepreneurs during the day while I work and I just came across a goldmine of them while finally catching up on my RSS Feeds (after a week in Cuba). I just downloaded all of these podcasts and figured I would share it with everyone else, […]

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Viva La Cuba Bitches

April 23, 2009

Tweet I just wrote my final exam yesterday and I’m off to Cuba with some friends for some partying and relaxation. If you’re not Canadian, chances are you haven’t had the opportunity to go to Cuba before. I absolutely love Cuba for 3 specific reasons: Everything is cheap, the people are very friendly and the […]

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$50 MySpace MyAds Coupon

April 16, 2009

Tweet Just got this coupon from a recent MyAds webinar. Coupon: web04160950 I believe it only works for new accounts but it’s the only MySpace coupon I have seen so far. Enjoy.

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Prosper202 Help: The table ‘202_clicks_spy’ is full

April 10, 2009

Tweet If you use prosper202 and use it a lot you have most likely seen this error, if not, you’re either lucky or don’t have a ton of traffic. I use to get this error all the time because the table would get full before it had time to whipe the stuff older than 24 […]

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Seth Godin On The Shoemoney Radio Show

April 8, 2009

Tweet I just listened to this audio last night, pretty good stuff from a really smart marketer Seth Godin. If you do any kind of marketing you should definitely listen to this. http://www.shoemoney.com/2009/04/07/seth-godin-on-last-weeks-shoemoney-show/

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Locked Out Of Prosper202?

April 1, 2009

Tweet This might be a good post to bookmark for the future. I was recently locked out of my own Prosper202 install because I changed my password the night before and like an idiot forgot what I changed it to. To top it off the “Forgot Password” retrieval form was not sending me any emails […]

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