How To Get The Lowest Bids On LeadImpact

by Bryn Youngblut on March 10, 2010

I’m really not sure why LeadImpact (formerly Zango) have this in place but I guess it’s just to try and get more money from suckers.

Typically the minimum bid on any target will be $0.015 cents. But sometimes that won’t always be the case…depending on what you choose as your campaigns category.

Now as far as I know and can tell choosing a category is basically useless, and even worse it just costs you more money.

For example lets say you are doing an auto insurance campaign. If you select the category Auto Insurance under Financial Services the minimum bid on ANY target will be $0.03. What you should do is select a different category like Astrology under Entertainment where the minimum bid will now magically be only $0.015.

Don’t worry about relevance for choosing categories for any campaign, they will still get approved and all the traffic comes from the same place.

I hope this helps out some people getting ripped off.

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