Don’t Waste Your Time And Money With Facebook Ads

by Bryn Youngblut on September 21, 2008

Note: Since writing this I have changed my views so please take this post with a grain of salt as it was purely from my frustration at the time.

Facebook has finally pissed me off for the last time. I started using facebook ads back when they first came out and they were actually not bad. Ads got approved relatively quick and you would literally get a burst of targeted traffic within minutes.

Now, it seems they are working as hard as possible to not get any advertisers. I wanted to blame this on what I picture as being a bunch of drunken interns randomly approving ads but it seems it’s just a bunch of customer support people who all don’t know what their doing.

After a few recent ads got disapproved I decided to see what the hell was going on so I found a few ads, found out the exact affiliate network they were using to promote the offer and I even copied the ad text/picture. Now you would think an exact copy of an already running ad would have no problem getting approved, wouldn’t it? Not a chance. I tried this with 3 different ads and offers and all of them kept getting rejected even after multiple attempts at different times.

The reasoning for the rejections were always the same:

After looking at their advertising guidelines per sections 8 and 9 many times I can still not conclude what I was doing wrong. None of my ads were violating the guidelines. The funny part is I actually still have one campaign running that I put up a week ago. I tried duplicating it and it got rejected with the same reasons as the ones above. So why did they approve my ad a week ago and now when I make one the exact same it gets rejected? I have determined getting an ad approved at facebook now is basically a shot in the dark.

Oh and the only reason I was using facebook ads was because I had free coupons.

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